Dongguan Xiehong Acrylic Injection Molding Plant successfully held the Summary Meeting of the Technical Reform Group in the first quarter of 2022

At 4 pm on April 8th, Dongguan Xiehong Plastic Products Technology Co., Ltd. organized the 2022 No. In the "Summary Conference of Technical Transformation Team" in the first quarter, at the meeting, the technical transformation team made their own summary report and sharing on the process of realizing each proposal and the achievements achieved.

1. The team members introduce their proposals and technical improvement methods

After listening to the reports of each proposal, Mr. Li made a summary for each proposal. Mr. Li said that all the proposals have achieved good results and met the expected requirements and goals. Even after some proposals passed the technical transformation, the production efficiency and production capacity have been doubled. In the future, we will continue to accelerate the transformation of the acrylic injection molding workshop to full automation, eliminate outdated production capacity, emphasize technology priority, and pay attention to technical talents. We must build Xiehong into a high-tech enterprise that satisfies customers and produces efficient production.

2. Present awards to each proposal team

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